The Experience : #HashtagLunchbag – Flint


A little background information directly from the website about #Hashtaglunchbag is a humanity service movement dedicated to creating fun environments to bring together diverse groups of compassionate people in local communities across the world to focus out and give back in local communities .HUNGER IS STUPID.

When I first got word about the #Hashtaglunchbag movement I was on board, this is something our Brand has to be a part of. Not from the stand point of its good for our image, but the stand poinf of we are LEADERS and its our duty to get out and serve our community. If nobody does it the people who claim to be leaders have to step up to the challenge.



The day was full of good vibes from the jump. Do Good x Feel Good is the motto.We started the day off with the assembly line of mass sandwich production. Working to produce enough sandwiches to distribute through the city. I may have squirted too much mustard on a few of them though I get mustard happy.


It was a great place to meet and network, One of my favorite teachers and AUTHOR Ms.Matthews from high school brought her entire soccer team for community service.



YaBoyLV Shoe connoisseur and Radio host  from 93.7 showed up we talked about possible business moves and creating move event like this for the community. (Stephon is forever staring directly into the camera with the lost look.)


A few other people showed up in Westside Society gear to lend a helping hand. Or maybe they just came receive the extra 15% their next purchase I promised them. Whatever it was i was just glad the decided to come out for a good cause.



Right before we left from assembling the lunches to past them out there was a guy standing next to me. We had been talking for a little while just chatting back and forth with each other. I saw him put on a Two/Eighteen by Burn Rubber Hat (Men’s streetwear shop in Royal Oak) and it sparked a conversation. I said ” That’s a 2/18 hat, I was just down there a few days ago talking to RoSpit the owner. He was like yeah that my business partner I’m one of the co-owners. Who would’ve thought I would’ve ran into somebody that’s going to FOR SURE have some sort of impact on my life? I’m serious it seems like these things are planned, but they aren’t at all it’s like just being in the right place at the right time. IMG_20140322_192102

So we exchanged names his was Fred Walker. So while we we’re out and about passing out sandwiches to the homeless people or the people who needed them walking the streets, I had chance to pick his mind and try to learn as much as I could from him while i had a chance and build a friendship with a business owner who’s shop I’d love to be carried in one day. I found out he works with young entrepreneurs, and also does motivational speaking (Also my interests). So as we traveled I popped Stephon into the car with him so they could get acquainted.

We rode up to this building (Flint neighborhoods aren’t the best) and saw a bunch of people huddled around in a small area. To ME it looked like something fishy was going on maybe a Dice game (number 1 rule don’t walk into a dice game) or something illegal. My conscious told me not to go over there. Seriously though… not trying to be funny, if you see about 8 people huddled in the corner of a boarded up school what would you think? This sort of fear came over me. So we skipped that area, and moved on to another. We could put a dent in the bags we had left. So we get a call from the coordinators of the event Chuniq PR & Deandra called is telling us where to take the rest of the bags. It ended up being the spot we didn’t go to before.

How salty did I feel, all of us learned about 3 valuable lessons there. 1) Don’t judge a book by its cover, just because something looks a certain way doesn’t mean it’s that way. 2.) As a Leader you have to be courageous in situations where most people would other wise fold. 3.) Still being cautious is a good thing also you don’t want to walk into a decision you shouldn’t have, but just be brave.


After it was all said and done we all felt great. It feels good to know you’re helping other people with your biggest resource and it’s not money, just your TIME. Time is precious. At the end of your journey on this planet what will people remember you by?

-Thanks #HashtagLunchBag for teaching us, and allowing The Westside Society to give back to our community!

- Jimmie Westside

Taking Over the SLC!


I messed around and caught the worst stomach flu in the history of life so I got really behind on blogging. We’ve done a lot lately made some good moves, attending some dope events that are going to push us into the future. So on Friday March 21st we went to the Student Leadership Conference at The University Of Michigan.

I didn’t know what to expect going into this, was it going to be an interactive event, or a 9 hour lecture about you can become a leader and “bahk bahk bahk!”? The conference was based upon bringing your “Passion to Action” kicked off with a “What’s Your Passion?” Conference wide discussion.

So the host went around as people raised their hand. I’m not going to lie as much as I enjoy speaking in public, I melted in my seat at the thought of sharing Westside Society with everybody I was terrified. My conscious kicked in a beat my brain and said ” If you want to be a little punk a** and not share your passion with these people you’ll never advance or get ANYWHERE.” So I mustered up enough strength to raise my hand, and talk about my passion.

The words just flowed out of my mouth, I didn’t have to think or plan what I wanted to say because it was in my heart. As I was speaking, the host cut me off (I thought she was trying to disrespect me I almost had to revert back into old ways. #Sike!) She told me to come down in front of entire conference and continue talking about what we do at Westside Society. I gave them the entire spill that you all should already know. “Everybody has a skill the world needs to be a Leader.” Pushing my beliefs to everybody.

At the end of me talking it was the most awkward pause as she looked at me. Out of nowhere she told me “I want to hire you.” I was shocked because I didn’t apply for ANYTHING. I learned something valuable though. When you’re a leader it shows, when you speak, when you walk, or when you’re in the presence of other people PERIOD. True leaders have something about them that people CANNOT resist and they constantly want to be around you or have you on their team or join you on your journey! Its like being a Super Saiyan from DragonBall Z. You KNEW you were going to win! It had been bumpy, but they knew it was a way that they we’re going to pull it out. Because of the aura they could see the Leadership in them!

goku_super_saiyan_2_by_tomnamikaze-d5cacp3 (1)


So throughout the day we attended a few great Leadership Classes about Igniting the Fire Within, and another class where we learned the 5 “V’s” of Leadership (Expect to see that here soon!) Throughout the day of classes people came up to us getting our (Stephon & I) information to set us up for future events. One little step I was scared to take opened up a whirlwind of doors for our brand. We networked with some great professors/ radical leaders. The Keynote speaker David R Mcghee was amazing too. Talking about getting over the initial fear of being a Leader.


The day was great stepped out of our comfort zone, allowed our Leadership qualities to be seen! Looking forward to attending this conference again.


To School? Or Not To School?

There is always a fork in the road in your life where you contemplate. Should I Reeeeaaallly go to school “or Nah?” We’ll I’ve been on both sides for the spectrum I didn’t go to school and I’m currently in school.

Reality tries to teach us that we have to go sit in a class with a professor who is supposedly an expert in their field because they have a piece of paper with their name on it. The experience of school is way more than going to class and getting a degree and joining a work force. And the experience of not going to school is a highly frowned upon act.

You’ll never do anything great relying on a college degree to do to open every door for you.

Not To School Route

This route sometimes seems like the most prosperous because we’ve seen Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Shoot even Kanye “Wait til’ I get my money right.” West  make it without walking across that stage with a degree. This is because they had a skill they possessed and found out the world needed it.

But they grinded, harder than anybody could’ve imagined, put in more hours than the regular person probably could handle! The thing about them is they knew what the wanted, they had a goal and school was just an obstacle in the way of them reaching their goal.

All of their connections Besides Zuckerberg(Who attended Harvard For two years) came from getting up and finding out how to create a living.

By not going to school you more than likely won’t have a crapload of school debt to pay off at the end of your college career, you can focus more on building your business network and skills by attending workshops, seminars, events. Instead of trying to figure out why the homework says 2x-4 =? and the quiz says 12321434xcy x 85739fg = “the square root of planet I’m not going to use this bull after I pay $75,000 for school.

You may make it BIG or you can flutter and drown, and have nothing to fall back on in the future.

It’s a risk. I took that risk you need capital to start a business, so you have to work somewhere to generate enough funds to start to create your dream life. I worked a Job dropped out of school Lost my job with nothing to fall back on because my business wasn’t built enough to support my life.

To School

After dropping out of school twice because I felt i didn’t need to go to school for someone to tell me how to run my dream. I went back. Had a change of mindset.( And Major Yes! no more brain crushing math.)

A lot of successful entrepreneurs went to school look at Mark Cuban, who probably has the dopest life, and is possibly one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time. Out here cussing out refs and tell people how sucky their business is on shark Tank. Thats beside the point.

School is a great environment to start a business and I didn’t notice it until I went back for the 3rd time. When your sitting in school skipping class to laying the dorms jacking your life off you’re surrounded by a network.

Everyday you are involved with the same people in the same setting, people who are essential to your growth as a person and a company. This is the time within 4 years of your  schooling to build your cult following. You don’t have to go out and scavenger for your target because they are sitting right in front of you all the time.

WE BETTER INFLUENCE SOMEBODY WITH ALL THIS EXTRA TIME! Pkus the extra time lets you hone some skills.

And you have the insta-bank called Loans (that you eventually have to pay back at probably double the amount you took them out in.) to start your business! you don’t have to ask for investments, you don’t have to grovel at peoples feet you can get money at the expense of your own well being in the future. (It’ll pay off though.)

The Verdict?

Smarts cant be measured by the same test they give everybody in the class. That’s like giving a test to a bear and fish to climb a tree. Telling a fish to climb a=the tree and then the rest of his life he thinks he’s stupid because he failed a test (picture below). If “smart” was measured by school then Bill Gates is the smartest dumb person to ever live on this earth.

A Grade that is chosen by a discretion of a teacher isn’t vaild in telling you what skills you have than can benefit the world. Having a college degree doesn’t ensure that you will be successful, and not having one isn’t going to make you a failure.

The networking that can happen with enrolled in school is great if you use it the right way it can really benefit your future, you build friendships and have mainly free access to money,events, and social life (Don’t party to hard and lose sight of your dreams.)

I can’t make a decision for you, but its a lot of successful Smart Dumb People (No Degree) out there and alot of Dumb Smart People (Degree And No Skills). Do as you feel weigh the pro’s and con’s. Your skill set and your network will take you farther than anything else can take you.


New Series Coming.

This is an idea I’ve had for a while. I’ve been searching the ends of the internet for a place that specifically connects Young entrepreneurs together, I have yet to run across even one. So I’ve decided to take the reigns into my own hand (like a leader should) and start a new YouTube series for entrepreneurs. Plus there isn’t any one on the web that looks like us doing this.

Everything I run into about “Entrepreneurs” are the One time CEO,who believe business is only putting on your Suit and Tie and sounding like ” Rah Rah look at me I have on a suit and tie, I look so professional this is how you should look and sound!” I like dressing up, just not when there is some narcissistic “Expert” telling me this is how I’m supposed to look.  Nah …. It’s time to bring a new element to entrepreneurship, in every day clothes form time to bring reality to our field.

I’m going to tackle some key issues that I’m sure every Entrepreneur/Leader Has been through or thought about and I want people to share their stories. This will be an opportunity to help each of us grow. Iron Sharpens Iron.

The team will be on board with me to create skits, visual activities and just things most people would PAY to make you learn.

I plan on tackling Confidence, Comfort Zones, School (The biggest entrepreneur question), Motivation, Perseverance, Small Beginnings, Opportunity, and More. It’s time to bring in “New” Business the Old way is done.

Within the next month! we should kicking off!

5 Mistakes I’ve Made In Business

How many times can you really come to a website for a business owner and they tell you where they went wrong at? We usually want to show you that our business is the “Land of Milk & Honey, with pots of gold and leprechauns running through the meadow.” SIKE! this is the wrong place for that. The first step of coming into success is realizing and noting where you went wrong on your journey. Well i’m going to share my faults with you all. So you know i’m not a money hungry robot behind a computer screen.

1. Putting the cart before the horse….errr.( I think that’s whats the old people say right?)

What a cliche’ idiom to use. When I started my business I had no idea what to do, I felt like “Look at me I made a cool design and 3 of my friends like it! Time to become an instant millionaire because the world loves my idea.” Uh… that’s not how it went. I printed 50 shirts with no business plan no marketing plan no target market and went into the world. A quickly got a taste of reality. My idea wasn’t very good I had no development no plan just pure aspirations, and a dream. It’s not a bad thing but it’s a start.

2.) Thinking everybody in the world liked my Idea.

The word “everybody” is where the mistake happened. I know it’s a heart breaker, but I learned this the hard way. I can drop you a quick story here. I took a trip to Motivation In Ann Arbor just asking for business advice on brands and what stores look for and IMMEDIATELY the owner/manager told me I don’t understand this and I DONT LIKE IT ITS TRASH!. First I realized this guy was really a “Douche/Jerk” he could’ve said it in a better way. Then I thought this is the way the world works. Everybody doesn’t like your ideas. So you need to develop a target.

3.) Never really understanding the word “Target Market” until 1.5 years in (and still not fully understanding).

Maybe I’m just not smart enough to understand target a single group of people that have the same mindset as you. I flipped markets and did events that were’nt included in my  thinking everybody loves it. Now I understand you gotta find out where these people are, What they like to do. Man its really tough! I used to target everybody. Now i’m finally learning where my people reside.

4.) Budget & Book Keeping

I didn’t budget properly there are a lot of expenses to keep up with and daily/monthly operations of a business you have to keep up.I’m not ashamed to say my website and my store had shut down a few times because of not keeping up with bills, or expending the funds on merchandise rather than keeping up with what keeps the business running. And if your thinking I wasted my money on Jordan’s etc..our dream has to be bigger than that, One thing i’ve always been good at is not touching money that’s isn’t supposed to be used for personal gain.

5.)Searching for people to help me.

Big NoNo! I expected someone else to understand my dream and be as driven as me to complete my goals.. That probably the most STUPIDEST thing I’ve probably ever thought of. Can’t expect somebody to work harder for you than YOU! WE only can push our limits because nobody understand why we feel the way we do. When I told somebody I was going to take over the world with a paper bag and become successful, what face do you think they gave me? *insert any famous stale face here* The but the main thing is I BELIEVED. We have to believe our dream was tailored for us not to be share with people who are going to misunderstand it.

Time to learn from mistakes and build content and see where the next 1.5 years take me.


Fun Times At The 1st Pop-Up Shop

Can’t even express my gratitude to everyone who came out and created a great experience for all of us! A lot of people and even companies don’t things because they’re scared, and thats not the point.It’s more than selling clothes or caring about how many people show up. It’s about making an impact on the community around you. We also dropped a trailer of hopefully of our upcoming web series to be finished by the end of 2014! Check it out below.

Screenshot_2014-01-25-00-16-23 Screenshot_2014-02-01-00-13-03 Screenshot_2014-01-26-00-41-21 Screenshot_2014-01-25-00-16-20 IMG_20140125_143602 IMG_20140125_125742 IMG_20140125_000646 IMG_20140124_193653


Jan 24th Pop-Up Shop : Winter/Spring Release Event!

Flyer 2


For our first time we will be having an official Pop-Up Shop for our Winter/Spring Release! So come out and celebrate/enjoy with us. This is a free event we’ll be providing Chicken, Cheese, Wine, Music,Knowledge, Clothes and Fun. Also there will be a raffle for the Full Winter Line at 8:00 pm so be there early! Thank you to our friends at FAIM Boutique for allowing us to set up in their facility for the evening. So come out and hang with the Leaders.

Be There 7pm – 9pm

New Year, Solid Focus : The Brand For Entrepreneurs

new banner

In the past 1.5 years of the existence of Westside Society I’ve toyed with different focuses trying to find out who I really wanted to represent. It went from “anybody who’s out influencing people to be better.” To “Beating the statistics and stereotypes people put on us.” And “So you think you’re a leader?”.


I searched all types of brands to see what they represented how did they key in on their target market and provide something they NEEDED not something that just looks sweet. I knew my mission had to be more than just a “positive thing” or a fad that will only be around for another year.

After pressing through 20+ brands whose mission was, producing products for people who were Skateboarders, In the Hip-Hop Culture, Narcotic Users (Weed), people who want to Do more of what makes them happy, Street Art, Racing etc. It was revealed to me that my previous missions we’re too vague and not specific to cater to a group of people.

I took a seat and had a few eye opening conversations with my friend Terrin Tecknicolor who is a marketing major she told me I need to narrow what I’m really good at. It was tough I had to really search my heart and find out what I loved, what I really knew a lot about and what I had a passion for.

Finally I had found it! No brand really represents for people who are Entrepreneurs who have tried working for someone else and just can’t do it. It was the story of my ENTIRE LIFE , how corporations treat employees like crap, and either fire them, lay people off,or the company crumbles as a whole. A brand for people that don’t want to depend on a Corporation for their choice of income,living, and controlling how successful they can be. We (Entrepreneurs) are the “New Leaders” Leaders of our Society. This is now where we identify ourselves. I devote my brand now to bringing useful tips, my personal insights/speeches, and also clothing to the daily Entrepreneur. Everything depends on us!

Bag Up & Keep Warm! : Winter/Spring 14′ Feat Allyseia

We have finally released the visuals to the Winter/Spring 14′ Look Book Featuring Allyseia. This Collection is fired up by the warmth of  the Winter Beanies, and the comfortable fleece lining of the Cut N’ Sew Hoodie that will keep you warm from Winter through the Spring. The graphics designs of “Your Local Leader” “Lead Never Follow” & “Leaders Over Followers” are inspired by the Love of Leadership With the added help of the beautiful model Allyseia keeping the “BagHead” Jimmie Westside occupied, and looking cozy in the new line this sure to be something to be added on everybody’s list. Get 10% off when you use Code : ALLYSEIA!
Winter Cover

Dreams Into Reality.

Leadership Reality


Since we are all Leaders,and as 2013 is coming to a close 2014 is about to start we need to betaking all this planning, all of this knowledge we learned, and all this excuse making we did in 2013 and putting forth into action! WE HAVE THE CAPACITY TO TURN OUR DREAMS INTO REALITY!! 2014 is almost here!